Mount Eagle College

Mount Eagle College offers high quality education and training programs in the medical, healthcare, allied health and massage therapy fields, these programs are career-focused, high-demand and technical in nature. As career challenges and opportunities are recognized, new programs are developed with the cooperation of industry leaders to meet the needs of our students, graduates and employers.

Training That Works
All programs at MEC are geared towards training candidates for a specific skill that translate easily into a job. Faculty and Staff are mindful that education alone is not enough, that is why emphasis is put on training into skills that are practical oriented and hand-on in nature to enhance your marketability and employability. Join now the skill development programs at MEC that translate in JOBS.

The 21st Century education delivery system demands that people maintain their jobs, family life and other commitments that can not be sacrificed. MEC schedules all its programs to accommodate students lifestyle without compromising academic integrity