Mount Eagle Foundation

Mount Eagle Foundation is non-for-profit organization under 501 (c) (3) status with IRS exemption. It was founded to support the mission of Mount Eagle College and Institute by providing financial assistance to students through scholarships, while addressing the technology/equipment training needs. Due to economic hardships many individuals cannot afford the expense of training. By providing scholarships the Foundation assists those who are facing financial hardships. Quality education in healthcare, medical, allied health and other areas  require various types of equipment as well as updated technology, its on the mandate of the foundation to solicit funding, grants and donations from various organizations and individuals in order to meet that demand. The foundation is also geared at supporting faculty and staff as they pursue professional development in order to provide quality education.

The main mission of the Mount Eagle Foundation is to transform and enhance lives through financial assistance to the under privileged, minority and marginalized members of the community through the wholistic approach. While this mission is backed by the vision that Mount Eagle Foundation becomes is a comprehensive recourse center that enriches lives and provides hope to the otherwise under privileged members of the community and society as whole.

 The main objective and focus of the Mount Eagle Foundation is:

“to empower the under privileged community through financial enhancement towards reaching their academic goals, providing career and academic counseling, networking and integrating with the community”

 Specific Objectives

  1. To meet the educational and academic needs of the under privileged individuals by supporting and enhancing the Mission of Mount Eagle College and other organizations with the same visions.
  2. To provide financial assistance in order to facilitate the overall individuals academic and career goals towards becoming self reliant and productive member of society.
  3. To provide academic career counseling in order to facilitate the overall individual academic and career performance and success.
  4. To network and integrate graduates of Mount Eagle College with community resources to facilitate seamless transition, employment and productivity to the community through Community Resource Centers and Alumni association.

Baobab Volunteering Services
Mount Eagle Foundation
does business as (d/b/a) Baobab Volunteer Services ( placing Mount Eagle Students and other individuals interested to go abroad for internships and volunteer services. Students interested to go overseas should contact and sign up with the services for all the information and arrangements for travel.

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