Bachelors in Health Sciences

Bachelors in Health Sciences (BHSc) Program

Mount Eagle College and University Distance Learning Student

Bachelors in Health Sciences Degree is a 120 credit hour program with concentration in Life Sciences. Its designed to provide career and academic advancement for health sciences practitioners who seek baccalaureate degree without affecting their life schedule with work, family or community commitment. This program is purely online with major coursework offered in Associate’s Degree program , plus advanced coursework in topics such as Endocrinology, Toxicology, Basic Immune Studies, Neurophysiology, Cell Biology, Genetics and Environmental Health. This program includes 36 credit hours of general education component.applynow

Requirements: High School Diploma and/or GED or Associate Degree is required with official transcripts submitted.

Program Duration & Credits: Up to 4 years

Session: Online/Web-Based

Program Costs and Other Requirements download the Application Form and Payment Completion Plan

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