Personal Care Assistant

Personal Care Aide Program

 The Personal Care Aide (PCA) will acquire and demonstrate a variety of nursing skills such as taking vital signs, communicating with patients and other healthcare team members, and assisting patients with activities of daily living. This team member is a vital part of the health care team. This program emphasizes the importance of the nurse aide as a member of the health care team.  The participants will learn to provide basic health care.  It also addresses the need to care for oneself and encourages the development of professionalism. After completion the candidate may work as a Personal Care Aide in an assisted living, in home care, or a private home. The 80 course is approved by the North Carolina division of Health Service Regulation.
Requirement: High School Diploma or GED/Official transcript required

Credits: 80 hours/ 4 Weeks
Day Session: TBA
Evening Session: TBA

Program Costs:
Total Program cost: $350.00