Idea to ExecutionEntrepreneurship Training Workshop

Training Modules

Step 1: Idea Generation

Developing a Business Concept and brainstorming with other participants in solving a problem. How do I get started? How do I find a profitable business idea and create a market niche? How can I find new products and services to introduce to my customers to boost revenue in short period of time?

Step 2: Product Development

Turning your idea into a product or desired services while addressing a question; How do I develop a product or service? What Business Model do I use? Where can I get resources to build my business and what skills do I need to become successful.

Step 3: Business Plan

This is the road map for the business, participants will learn the basics components of the business plan, marketing plan, financial plan and budgeting, simple book-keeping and plans for growth. How do I find customers to buy my products and services? How do I profitably market to and reach my target audience?

Step 4: Execution:

Practical steps to get started and getting the feet wet; How do I operate my business? Do I need to do myself or venture into partnership? Should I work from home or find a small office? What needs to to outsourced and what needs to be done internally. What is the exit plan? Keep or Sell the Business?


  1. Basics and essential skills to start and operate your own business
  2. Business network of colleagues and mentors to consult at anytime
  3. Training Modules Manual/Workbook for your reference at anytime
  4. Videos & DVDs to enhance your skills and personal development as business owner
  5. Free subscription to Business Network Club Worldwide

Training Information

date2Date:Friday. November 4th and Saturday November 5th 2016
Venue: Mount Eagle College & University, Main Campus-Winston Salem, NC
Accommodation & Meals: Inclusive
Early Registration: 45% Off and Coupons Available *Limited Space
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